"Step into the icy waters on March 16th and contribute to setting a new world record. Secure your spot now and transform your daring leap into a historic victory."

Zwartkop Lapa Resort centurion

Join a fun day for the whole family, team and business

Make History: Join hands with fellow adventurers, Entrepreneurs and Thrill seekers

Participating in this ice bath challenge is not just about the thrill of the moment; it’s a chance to be part of something larger than yourself. Your participation in the ice bath challenge is more than just a cold dip – it's an opportunity to leave a mark, challenge yourself, contribute to a noble cause, and be part of a unique community event that promises fun, growth, and the potential for glory.

Date & Time

16 March 2024


Zwartkop Lapa Resort, Wierda Rd, Centurion, 0137

What to expect from this event

Enjoy a Day of Entertainment

Beyond the ice bath, enjoy a day filled with activities, entertainment, and the opportunity to watch or participate in the Teenpreneur Viper's Pit Pitch

Support a Cause

With a portion of the event's profits going to Rhino conservation, your participation contributes to the protection of one of the planet's most iconic species

Gain Unique Bragging Rights

How many people can say they've participated in setting a world record? This is your chance to have an extraordinary story to share

Network and Connect

Be part of a community of like-minded individuals, making connections that can last a lifetime.

Challenge Yourself

Test your limits and discover your inner strength in a way that's both exhilarating and empowering.

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Learn the tips and tricks Eugene is using to make R1m in 90 days from scratch

Did you know a Teen Entrepreneur is going to win R50 000 on the day?

Meet the host of TeenPreneur Viper's Pit

Eugene's entrepreneurial spirit and marketing expertise have propelled him to the forefront of the business world, establishing him as a visionary leader and motivational speaker. His ventures span across digital marketing, retail chains, tech hubs, and international enterprises, demonstrating his adaptability and versatility. Beyond the boardroom, Eugene embraces an adventurous lifestyle, immersing himself in diverse cultures and pursuing his passions for surfing, trekking, and wine appreciation. His remarkable journey is a testament to the boundless pursuit of innovation, growth, and lasting impact.

Health and Wellness Benefits

Entertainment and Fun

Network with other like-minded people and build valuable connections.

Who should attend this event:

This event promises something for everyone – from exhilarating challenges and health benefits to networking opportunities and supporting a great cause, all within a day filled with fun, learning, and community spirit.

Families and Friends
Adventure Seekers
Health and Wellness Advocates
Startup Enthusiasts
Business Professionals

Event Information

Don't miss this event, make 2024 your year for success!

Contact Details

"Make a Splash, Leave a Legacy – Join Us in the Record Books!"

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The Chilling Appeal: Unveiling the Benefits of Ice Baths

Enhanced Recovery

One of the most touted benefits of ice baths is their ability to speed up recovery after intense physical activity. By reducing muscle soreness and inflammation, ice baths help athletes bounce back quicker, ready for their next challenge.

Improved Circulation

Immersion in cold water helps constrict blood vessels, flushing out toxins from the muscles. When you warm up, the blood flow increases, bringing with it a fresh supply of oxygen and nutrients vital for repair and rejuvenation

Enhanced Mental Strength

Beyond the physical, the act of voluntarily stepping into an ice bath requires and builds mental resilience. This practice teaches the mind to remain calm and focused under stress, a skill that translates into everyday life challenges

"Join the Champions of the Chill in Setting the New Guinness World Record

"Braving the Ice Together: Over 1000 Courageous Souls Unite to Make History in the Ultimate Cold Water Challenge."

You made it all the way to the bottom so you might as well just get a ticket... You might learn something that will change your life