From The Street To Penthouse

National Tour

25 September 2023

Do you want to learn how to achieve success?

Then This National Tour have your name all over it!

Come Join us to learn how 3 entrepreneurs came from nothing and created success

Katlego Sundani

The adventurous Girl.

Through my passion and purpose in life, I take women who wants to live a prosperous life on adventure. I help all women who are ready to embark on a personal and entrepreneural adventure.

This is done through coaching in spice,empowering conferences where you hear Inspiring stories, learn from successful women and network with fellow go getters. Living a wholistic life as women,dare to dream,take bold actions.Conquer challenges and create a prosperous life we deserve.I empowered more than 50 women personally,hosted more than 200 women through empowerment conferences annually.I studied business and management with GIBS.Accredited facilitator,Assessor and moderator.Awards:– best host of the year 2022 in limpopo –ASEB best sevice provider of the Year 2022– 2021 country representatives vessels of virtue global awards.

Teboho Mafodi

He is a seasoned Project Manager, Consultant, and Professional Speaker known for his unwavering dedication and expertise in driving success. With an impressive track record in project management, Teboho has led diverse teams and orchestrated the seamless execution of numerous projects from inception to completion. His strategic mindset and meticulous attention to detail have consistently delivered outstanding results, transforming businesses and empowering individuals to reach their full potential.As a trusted consultant, Teboho Mafodi brings his wealth of experience to guide organizations through complex challenges. With a focus on strategic analysis and implementation, he helps businesses optimize their operations, streamline processes, and drive sustainable growth. Teboho’s ability to identify opportunities for improvement and provide practical solutions has earned him a reputation as a reliable advisor in various industries.Beyond his professional expertise, Teboho Mafodi is a captivating Professional Speaker who captivates audiences with his inspiring keynotes. His thought-provoking talks inspire individuals to embrace change, pursue excellence, and unlock their true potential. Teboho’s ability to connect with his listeners, combined with his powerful storytelling, leaves a lasting impact and motivates others to take action.Teboho Mafodi’s unwavering passion for project management, consultancy, and public speaking has positioned him as a sought-after expert in his field. Whether leading projects, advising organizations, or captivating audiences, Teboho is dedicated to empowering others, transforming businesses, and inspiring positive change on their journey to success.

Eugene van Der Merwe

A fusion of marketing mastery, technological insight, and a boundless spirit of exploration. Co-founder of VAN Studios, an avant-garde digital agency, Eugene’s business acumen is undeniable. Yet, his influence transcends the digital domain – owning retail outlets nationwide, a tech hub, and two international enterprises, showcasing his versatile entrepreneurship.

Eugene’s realm extends beyond boardrooms. A contemporary adventurer, he surfs Californian waves, treks Colorado Rockies, and sandboards Dubai’s deserts. He indulges in life’s finer joys, savoring wines amidst French vineyards.
Amidst global wanderings, Eugene’s businesses thrive, a testament to his visionary leadership and adept delegation. A sought-after motivational speaker, he inspires with tales of conquering challenges.

A decade in the industry has honed Eugene’s finesse, making complexity appear effortless. His journey underscores that success is an evolving expedition, characterized by growth, innovation, and relentless pursuit of aspirations.

Who is this for?

  • Professionals and Entrepreneurs
  • Financial Enthusiasts
  • Property Investors (Beginners)
  • Networking Enthusiasts

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