Join Business Mastery Global and get ready to ignite your passion, unlock your potential, and take your business to new heights.

Join us for a dynamic 4-hour business event to leave you inspired, energized, and ready to conquer the world!


  • Dramatically Increase Your Top Line Revenue And Bottom Line In 2023/24
  • Brand New 2023 Global Best Practice For Business. The Old Way No Longer Works
  • Stop Working Nights And Weekends As You Will Learn A New Way
  • Get Paid First Before Anyone Else 
  • Laugh Again As You Build A Sustainable, Successful Business With Mana
  • Get Excited About Possibility Again But This Time Its Real


  • The Premium Positioning Formula™ Will Maximise Your Brand value

  • The Scale of Success™ Is An 8 Step Blueprint For Scaling A Business From Inception To 8-Figures

  • The Money Train™ – Recognised By WealthFitUSA As A Highly Simple, Incredibly Effective Marketing System

  • The 4G’s™ Is A Life Prioritisation System That Sees You Focussing On Doing The Right Things Every Day

  • The Consumer Universe™ – A current and relevant way to review the buying motives of your customers

Academic Education will tell you business is complex. It's not true. Business is based on the most simple of fundamentals. We will share many of them at Business Mastery Global. If you follow them, you will significantly improve your business and life in 2023.

Mike Handcock: Chairman Circle of Excellence

Abilities for enhancing your earnings:

3 Speakers + 6 Technologies + Practical Easy Take Aways

Unleash Your Creativity

Unlock your inner creativity and transform your ideas into reality with Mike Handcock's expert insights and practical techniques.

People, Collaborations & More

Unlock the key to transforming a networking event into a powerful collaboration, joint venture, or acquiring high-end clients. Mark Trafford reveals the art of leveraging connections to boost your sales and emphasizes the undervalued importance of trust in the process.

Master the Art of Marketing

Discover the art of crafting a winning marketing strategy that distinguishes your business from the competition. Join Landi Jac as she equips you with practical advice and tools to establish a compelling brand, bolster your online presence, and connect effectively with your desired audience.

Growth and Expansion

Unlock the path to elevating your business and tapping into new markets. Mike Handcock shares winning strategies and tactics to scale your operations, boost revenue, and establish a sustainable business model.

You are your own worst enemy

Many entrepreneurs stumble because they focus on doing the wrong things exceptionally well. Learn about a system that has enabled Mike and Landi to manage five international companies while enjoying a three-month break over the Christmas season.

Deep Dive Into Your Buyer

In 2023, we'll unravel the consumer universe, shedding light on crucial buyer behaviors and their expectations in the contemporary marketplace, helping you meet their needs effectively.


Mike Handcock

Chairman Circle of Excellence Internationally Award Winning Entrepreneur & Speaker 4X Amazon #1 Best Seller

Landi Jac

Global Director Worldwide Business Intelligence Internationally Award Winning Entrepreneur & Amazon #1

Renier Lombard

One relationship can change your business & life > Let me show you how to use your LinkedIn Personal Brand to find and attract those relationships.



  • Grow your network with potential partners & clients

  • Expand your mind through the latest concepts

  • Gain Global insights of best practice  

  • Learn practical skills you can make $ from today

  • 10X your business with just one good idea

  • Contribute ideas to your new community



There’s no substitute for the energy of a live event. You can view 2,000 webinars and still not capture the same essence. Our key presenters have engaged audiences in over 50 countries, earning over a dozen global awards for their excellence in speaking and entrepreneurship.

In person for that "human" connection!


On the event day, Mike Handcock and Landi Jac will unveil five trademarked systems to help you optimize your business positioning, simplify your income generation, save precious time, scale your existing business securely and swiftly, and gain a deeper understanding of your mindset to seize lucrative opportunities.

These Systems Make Money


Join us, and you’ll have the chance to connect with like-minded individuals, collaborate, and build valuable relationships with people who share your ambitions. Building a trusted community is essential for every successful entrepreneur, and that’s exactly what we foster at Business Mastery Global.

In person for that "human" connection!

What my client says

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Business Mastery Global

The most recent talk was packed with high-value, actionable information which I immediately implemented the following day. It worked.
Pamela Wrigglesworth
Straight to the point, powerful, realistic. They reveal useful and practical insights and tips on how to access success, and they do it well. Highly rated
Dean McCoubrey
South Africa
What I didn't understand until I started working with them was the network, the values and the opportunities I would be introduced too
Kevin Etherington
New Zealand

Event Details:

Friday October 20 2023 (1pm - 5pm)