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Unveiling the Top Ideas That Powered Our Success

Discover the story of resilience, innovation, and success. We’ll recap the 90-day challenge, highlighting key milestones, and the strategic decisions that paved the way to achieving an ambitious goal

Mastering Digital Marketing: Our Top 3 Winning Strategies

Learn about the three most effective digital marketing strategies that were crucial in our journey. Understand their implementation, results, and how you can adapt them for your business

Likes is vanity
Sales is reality
turn clicks in to customers


Where It All Began in a land far far away

Together with My Fiancé, We’re Challenging Ourselves to Turn a Bold Idea into R1 Million in 90 Days. Follow Our Entrepreneurial Adventure – Join our 1-Day Workshop to learn, Strategies, and Lessons We Learned Along the Way.

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Where to from now?

5 Actionable Insights to
Unleash Your Entrepreneurial Potential in 2024

While the path to entrepreneurial success is never easy, there are certainly steps you can take to increase your chances of achieving your goals. In this guide, we'll explore 5 actionable insights that can help you unleash your entrepreneurial potential in 2024:


"Make it happen.
You're one funnel away from changing your life."
Alex Hormozi
3 key strategies that will help you achieve your business goals in 2024.


Your primary focus should be on acquiring customers profitably. You need a sales funnel that converts cold traffic into high-ticket clients. Remember, ‘Whoever can spend the most to acquire a customer wins.’



Organic is great, but it’s slow. Start pumping money into paid ads. The more you can spend while still maintaining a profit, the faster you’ll scale. Think Facebook ads, Google ads, and even TikTok if that’s where your audience hangs out


Simplify Your Offerings

Don’t get caught up in having a million different products or services. Simplify. Focus on one or two things that you do exceptionally well and scale them. Complexity will kill your growth.

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"Success leaves clues.
You don't need to reinvent the wheel, but you do need to reference other people's work to spark your imagination and awaken your capabilities."

We set out to make a million in 90 days, but surpassed it in record time.
Now, we're sharing our secret
—imagine the possibilities.

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Eugene van der Merwe

Eugene's entrepreneurial spirit and marketing expertise have propelled him to the forefront of the business world, establishing him as a visionary leader and motivational speaker. His ventures span across digital marketing, retail chains, tech hubs, and international enterprises, demonstrating his adaptability and versatility. Beyond the boardroom, Eugene embraces an adventurous lifestyle, immersing himself in diverse cultures and pursuing his passions for surfing, trekking, and wine appreciation. His remarkable journey is a testament to the boundless pursuit of innovation, growth, and lasting impact.

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